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Handling of multichannel psd files


The implementation uses the CMYK converter to create RGB data.
For me the data shows completely black in Paint.NET (I guess this is because k is zero).
Multichannel is typically a collection of gray channels.
So I would create a merge of these gray channels to set R=G=B=Merge(G1,G2,...)
or just take the first channel R=G=B=G1.
To verify the result it is often quite good to compare the colors with an embedded thumbnail.

BTW: I'm looking for psd files using zip and zip-with-prediction encoding. Just for test purposes. Could you provide some?

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taoyue wrote Jul 28, 2013 at 4:20 AM

Fixed in revision ae53e568232e (2013-07-27).

Channels are loaded into individual layers as grayscale images.